The Starmetal Sanctum of Ten Thousand Grasping Devils

Demesne: A dormant, Solar-aspected volcano located in (The Cinder Isles? Underwater somewhere? One of the Western archipelagos?)
Hearthstone: The Hierophant’s Eye
Owner: The Bloodstone Sage

An enormous subterranean manse built into a dormant volcano, housing uncounted hordes of demons, and (formerly) guarded by a pair of towering stone sentinels. Access to the majority of the sub-levels is blocked by imprisoned demons and lava, however.

Mantle of the Warden of Ten Thousand Grasping Devils (Sorcerous Archetype)

The magical systems that operate the Starmetal Sanctum of Ten Thousand Grasping Devils have recognised you as their administrator and master, and have invested you with the power of the Warden of the manse. You may be the reincarnation of the creator of the manse, or you may just be the first exalted who entered, was judged worthy of wardenship, and who accepted the Mantle. Further, as a physical token of your position, the manse has bestowed upon you a sorcerous relic, the Bloodstone Staff – a gnarled, blackwood staff topped with a large red orb, which allows you to access the manse’s systems. The Warden is also compelled by their Mantle, gaining a Major Tie to hunt down and deal with unruly demons in Creation.

Shaping Rituals

The sorcerer may hone her senses through the Bloodstone Staff to open her inner eye, paying a point of Willpower whenever she makes an Awareness roll to Join Battle or notice a hidden threat while wearing the talisman. She gains one sorcerous mote for every two successes on this roll. These motes last for the duration of the scene, and can be spent towards any spell she casts. If she is joining battle against or searching out malevolent sorcerous forces—enemy sorcerers, bound demons, strange beings created by sorcery—she also adds her Occult in bonus dice to the roll.

When the sorcerer takes the first shape sorcery action to begin casting a spell and stunts it with a description of how she casts the spell through the Bloodstone Staff or draws on its power, she gains (stunt rating + 2) sorcerous motes towards completing this spell. This benefit can only be received once per scene. Stunts to enhance the sorcerer’s control spell do not count against the once per scene limit.

A sorcerer with an Essence pool may spend a scene in meditation to commit ten motes to the Bloodstone Staff. Once she begins shaping a spell while wearing the talisman, she may draw on the power she’s invested, contributing up to (Essence + 2) sorcerous motes towards the spell until the full commitment of ten motes has been converted into ten sorcerous motes, or the spell is cast (or countered). Committed motes are converted to sorcerous motes on a one-to-one basis normally, but are converted into two sorcerous motes when casting the sorcerer’s control spell. The sorcerer must wait until she’s had a full night’s sleep before she can charge the talisman again.

Other Benefits

Infernal Warden (Merit ●): Demons recognise the sorcerer as the Warden of the manse. First Circle demons are treated as having a Minor Tie of terror towards them, while Second and Third Circle demons have a positive Minor Tie of wary respect, or some variation suited to their nature. Adapted from Bargain with Mara – Infernal Nobility.

Burning Gaze (Merit ●●): As a mark of their authority as Warden, the sorcerer may call forth flames, sending them streaming from her eyes. They might use this to light a campfire or incinerate ropes that bind their hands, and can also use it as an attack, rolling (Intelligence + Occult) to direct the flames, which are treated as a light mundane weapon with the lethal, thrown (short), and mounted tags. If their attack is withering, they use their Essence score in place of their Strength to determine the base damage of the attack. Adapted from Pact with an Ifrit Lord – The Burning Name.

Eye of Crimson Warning (Merit ●●): The red orb set in the Bloodstone Staff pulses with warning light when it comes within ten miles of dangerous sorcerous forces—a sorcerer wreaking havoc with spells, a demon bound to ill ends or unbound and rampaging, an ancient curse fallen upon the land. Any tracking rolls the wearer makes to pinpoint or chase down such perils enjoys double 9s. From The Talisman of Ten Thousand Eyes.

The Starmetal Sanctum of Ten Thousand Grasping Devils

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