Iron Fist of the Cerulean Storm

Musclebound. Kind-hearted. Really, really dumb.



  • There are many who cannot help themselves, so I must help them (Defining/Principle)
  • Protective and thankful to my brother, the Bloodstone Sage (Major/Tie)
  • Hatred towards those who would prey on the weak and helpless (Major/Principle)
  • I will not use my powers against anyone without just cause (Major/Principle)
  • The village
    • Younger twin of Bloodstone Sage, but the favoured son – long and strong of limb, dashing good looks, friendly and approachable personality…
    • Spent most of his formative years being helpful and useful around the village, predominantly with sailing, hunting and gathering.
    • Never quite understood why his beloved brother was derided so much and generally looked out for him as Bloodstone Sage – despite not being very good at much else – was an awesome story-teller and still treated him kindly
  • The bandit attack
    • FIrst time Fist had really ever seen how cruel man could be to man, and in his determination to save as many of his friends and family as he could he Exalted
    • Very quickly denounced by the local deacon and sent packing from the village, to Fist’s confusion and unhappiness
  • Travels and Adventures
    • Between Sage’s knowledge of the world outside the village and Fist’s practical skills in sailing, hunting and survival the two brothers did a pretty good job of making it on their own
    • Fist was still determined to help people where he could but struggled to grasp the need for subtlety his Exaltation required – it was really through Sage’s efforts that they avoided more trouble than they found
    • Fist tended to “help” first and ask questions later or never and was taken advantage of a fair bit before Sage started putting a stop to it
  • The Manse
    • As per Bloodstone Sage’s part

Iron Fist of the Cerulean Storm

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