The Irritable Bloodstone Sage

Warden of Ten Thousand Grasping Devils




  1. Solars are the inheritors of the First Age, and we must reclaim our birthright (Defining/Principle)
  2. I am compelled to hunt down and deal with unruly demons (Major/Tie)
  3. Begrudging love for my idiot brother (Major/Tie)
  4. People are inherently fallible and you can only rely on yourself (Minor/Principle)
  • The village
    • Older twin of Iron Fist of the Cerulean Storm, who was strong, long of limb, and otherwise the favoured son of the village
    • Sage, meanwhile, was sickly and bookish, and almost killed at birth for the hacking cough that was his first utterance
    • grabbed every book, interrogated every teacher he could – learned as much as possible, and even got some old texts on the world as it was under Solar rule that hadn’t been censored by the immaculate order
  • Bandits
    • bandits gave ultimatum to village
    • village part of a Realm satrapy
    • village told local lord
    • local lord did nothing
    • village defended against bandits
    • Sage was largely ineffectual, whereas Iron Fist was out beating bandits to death, and exalted in so doing
    • bandits defeated, brothers denounced by local deacon of the immaculate order as anathema, brothers exiled from the village they saved amidst a rain of rocks and convenient debris
  • adventuring
    • despite being in no shape for the adventuring life as a regular mortal, sage accompanied Iron fist on his adventures, attempting to prevent people from taking advantage of him and helping him hide his exaltation
    • island-hopping all over the West
    • [iron fist-centric background here]
  • The Starmetal Sanctum of Ten Thousand Grasping Devils (manse)
    • Found the manse; explored it; accidentally triggered something; suddenly a pair of ancient sentinels awoke and attacked brothers
    • Iron Fist defeated the sentinels, unwittingly unleashing a horde of demons
    • Iron fist held them back while Sage tried to work out how to fix everything; this was way beyond his ability, but he kept trying anyway
    • during this process, Sage exalted. The manse recognised him as its master, activated some backup rituals, and the demons were put back in their prisons
    • The manse, as it turned out, was a prison for demons created in the First Age
    • Tempestuous Mountain Hammer arrived mid-horde-fight to assist, and then took us back to Siak once he’d introduced himself
  • (met Clay at some point? – related to my manse, since Clay’s all about dem spirits?)
  • (met the as-yet-unnamed Night caste at some point?)

The Irritable Bloodstone Sage

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