Dot points for now, just to give you something to work with. Those of you with lore skills can build on this mid session :)

The City

  • Key idea – Large floating city in the Western Oceans of creation, strapped to the back of a behemoth that slumbers, controlled by a ruling council. Siak is both the name of the behemoth and the city
  • Industrial/Merchant in nature – Driven by selling and processing the byproducts of the Behemoth
  • Siak herself is the size of a modern office building – several times larger than a traditional fortress. Looks like a giant plesiosaur.
  • Siak is constrained by large floating platform that stops her from descending beneath the surface of the ocean. Platform is significantly larger than Siak herself and made of an unknown material that appears to be a product of the first age. Platform was custom designed for the role, and includes numerous pumps, filters and pipes designed to filter Siak’s blood and other bio products. Includes 6 manacles that descend beneath the platform and leash the beast to it (4 flippers, jaws, tail).
  • Land is rare. Areas built directly on the platform above the beast house earth, trees and traditional buildings. The rest of the city consists of ships, platforms and other structures that have been welded to the city.
  • Cathedral district – Large first age factory cathedral build in the centre of the beasts back. Forms the heart of the city, with a large industrial area surrounding it. Factory cathedral is not fully utilised without access to Celestial and Terrestrial sorcery.
  • The Eyes of Siak – Residential area directly connected to the Cathedral district, over the head of the beast. This is where the dynasties and important members of the guidance guild live. Home to the only park in the city
  • Tail End – Merchant area and home to small farm plots. The plots are incredibly prolific due to being seeded with Siak’s blood, however the fresh fruit and grains produced still demand a significant price due to their rarity. Was originally the only merchant district, however is now the home to prestigious and established merchant houses that deal in rare and expensive goods. Notable for having a clear canal leading directly through the rest of the city to allow rafts full of trade goods to move back and forth to the trading ships docked on the city’s outskirts.
  • The city proper – 6 “quadrants” with no clear boundaries, formed of ships, rafts and custom built floating structures. Each quadrant aligns with one of the shackles (though not with the Six Siblings areas of influence). No formal docks, as the edge of the city changes regularly with the coming and going of ships. Ships that stay in place too long eventually become part of the city proper as they are locked in place by surrounding ships. Merchants in the city tend to be placed on the outer fringes to allow easier access to incoming ships. Residences and places of business tend to be repurposed ships, though the occasional custom build structure serves this purpose.
  • The water surrounding the city is polluted through a combination of the city’s presence and waste produced in the processing of Siak’s byproducts. This attracts Siaka in great numbers, which in turn make for an easy way of “disposing of problems”.
  • Western gender roles are present in the city, though not amongst the ruling families or the Guidance Guild.

Movers and Shakers

  • Guidance Guild – Essence wielders that use thaumaturgy and sorcery to influence the beasts dreams and guide its travel. This ability is unrelated to the shackles themselves. The Sibling dynasties and the Guidance guild share power and rely on each other, but are regularly at odds. Guidance Guild is somewhat meritocratic, as the ability to master sorcery to influence the beasts dream is more important than familial connections.
  • The Six Siblings (and their dynasties) – Largely mortal families that control the rituals for the shackles that bind Siak. Originally six siblings, but have long ago spread into distinct families. The head of each dynasty takes the role of “Sibling” to the other dynasty heads, and together they share the power in the city. Power is ultimately “doomsday” in nature, as they are unable to control Siak directly, however the threat of her freedom and the loss of the city itself keeps them in power. Control rituals for each shackle are known only by the siblings themselves and their direct successors.
  • Gods – Sharks, storm mothers, god of the city? This stuff still to be fleshed out.
  • The Guild – The merchant network with influence across creation. Controls much of the traditional mercantile interests in the city, though is largely excluded from the Tail End.
  • The Realm – The Realm has no significant presence in Siak, due to the mobile nature of the city, and fear amongst the Six Siblings that they will lose their power with the presence of Dragon Blooded in numbers. This means that the city tends to stay out of the Realms areas of influence in the West. There are whispered rumours of Realm agents at work in the city, seeking to undermine the power of the Siblings.


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